Reservoir Exploration

Interesting Facts


8% of South Africa’s land contributes to 50% of the water in our rivers


2% increase in global temperatures means a 4% increase in South Africa's temperature


9% of South Africa’s rainfall goes into rivers and surface water, 4% recharges groundwater

Investing in large-scale multipurpose hydropower reservoirs remains vital for our populated cities to be able to continue to provide reliable services to all its residents. Nature, water, food and people are inseparably intertwined in our vulnerable landscapes and benefits of building dams provide a range of economic, environmental and social benefits including waste management, flood control, water and hydroelectric power supply.

It was said by the great Madiba in 1994 that he felt South Africa required 5 additional reservoirs, with our growing cities the demand for fresh water has never been more critical and with water shortages in certain cities during dry seasons being a constant factor, the time to demonstrate our hydro ingenuity is imminent.

South Africa has proven our hydro ingenuity since SA’s first dam was built in 1663. With agriculture having lost billions of Rands and thousands of jobs over the last year of drought, we are reminded of Thomas Fuller’s words; “We never know the worth of water ‘til the well runs dry.”

  • Water is used for domestic, industry and irrigation purposes
  • Water flow is used to generate hydroelectric power which is an economical renewable energy
  • Water is life and has become earths most sought after natural resource
  • Reservoirs are the municipality’s water supply
  • Plan for better use of ecological infrastructure and water resource management
  • 17.7 Billion cubic meters of water in demand by 2030, in SA alone


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