Permaculture is an agricultural system, which follows the natural cycle of our ecological system, to produce agricultural goods, in a way that the agricultural productivity as well as sustainability is maintained.

Understanding ones natural environment and how our natural ecosystem reacts to change is the cornerstone of permaculture. By not fighting with the natural environment and forcing a vision on a piece of land or community is essential for permaculture to work, which is 100% tied to our vision to changing the perception of the world view on South Africa. Understanding what flourishes and why, allows us to see how we as humans should be living, in collaboration. Companion planting provides what so many have forgotten. Teaching the underprivileged what the privileged have forgotten. Reminding people, we are enough as we are, without the need for consumerism, that we can provide for ourselves with nothing more the earth has already provided, with no waste. Collecting what is regarded as waste to reuse, recycle and reinvent.

We aim to push the boundaries of what is possible, taking the principles of permaculture to a large scale that serves to create abundant futures and provide the people from impoverished communities with a future that caters for not just their basic needs; shelter, food and medical care. We want to empower people with choice and options for how they wish to live their life within the community. With things like optional care. I.e. giving the individual the ability to heal with modern medicine or the natural medicine grown in the Eco Garden.

  • Helpful in improving environmental conditions
  • We need to understand that we are merely a part of the earth and not its conquerors
  • If other animals and creatures will not exist, we will not exist too
  • People care – We should work together and help each other instead of competing
  • To live in a better culture and community, we have to work together and stay together
  • Reduced cost through composting waste, which is also resourcefully utilized
  • With permaculture there is less pollution as well as chemical resistance whilst promoting green living
  • Permaculture brings about the sense of self-reliance, as one can grow whatever he /she needs and consume it


"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful medicine, or the slowest form of poison, so eat clean and eat smart."

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