Medicinal Cannabis

Currently prescribed by doctors and used by patients with Multiple sclerosis, Cancer, Anxiety & Depression, Autism, Arthritis, Glaucoma, Nausea, HIV & AIDS, Chronic pain, Migraines, insomnia and much more. The Cannabis plant has a history of medical use dating back thousands of years in many cultures.

The demand for medicinal cannabis has been growing exponentially and consumption from countries who have recently legalized the recreational use of cannabis, such as Canada, are looking for suppliers due to continuous shortage in supply which Canada faces due to not having desirable growing conditions.

California made over $60 Million in cannabis tax revenue for the first quarter of 2018, the population of California is just over 35 million. We at ZHF feel the South African market is not only larger but has the potential to raise further profits from international export to other countries, either for medicinal or recreational purposes. Having a testing and processing laboratory for research and development will enable the highest standards of health and safety but most importantly consistency too.

  • Would raise a substantial amount of revenue for state governments
  • Cannabis cultivation will create a lot of jobs spread across several sectors
  • Investors will benefit from long-term growth of medicinal cannabis industry
  • Billions of Rands saved in law-enforcement costs
  • The global medical cannabis market is set to reach $55.8 Billion by 2025, with the legal marijuana market worth $146.4 Billion by 2025 respectively.


"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful medicine, or the slowest form of poison, so eat clean and eat smart."

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