Low Cost Housing

At a glance

Create purpose within impoverished communities

Provide adequate, scalable and safe housing for the most vulnerable

Community empowering and community-inclusive building method

Environmentally conscious building method with food & energy systems

In South Africa alone there are over 5.5 million people who are accounted for that live in squatter camps (Informal settlements) and over 8 million orphans in South Africa who don’t have access to fair education and the basic essentials. There are 2.1 million informal houses in South Africa, without having access to proper housing and education will ultimately lower the likelihood of improving the current circumstances of those less fortunate at later stages in life.

We would like to include the ability to create a low-cost housing solution utilising a simple and ancient building method but with compressed hemp bricks as opposed to earth bricks. This way we are providing the housing solution to meet quotas in South Africa from the front end of our business as well as cultivating hemp and manufacturing the cannabricks and hempcrete ourselves from the back-end of our business. This hugely increases profitability and most importantly empowers unemployed men and women from impoverished communities to learn a number of skills cantered around housing, renewable energy, water & solar harvesting as well as continuously teaching communities about permaculture, agriculture and companion planting.

  • Durable and strong
  • Quality approved materials
  • Rapid construction time
  • High production output capacity
  • Severely reduced construction costs
  • Utilize indigenous materials
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • Carbon negative, non-toxic and energy efficient
  • Termite and pest resistant
  • Reduce waste
  • Versatility in design
  • Holistic design and build technology
  • Not dependent on traditional skills
  • Utilize indigenous unskilled labour
  • Create jobs

The building method currently in use is made from 95% natural earth and the remaining 5% used to bind the sand-based mix is concrete. The building method uses zero steel or wood and therefore stands against deforestation and non-sustainable or environmentally friendly building materials and/or methods. The sand bags are filled with sand and stacked on top of one another forming a dome using natural geometry to prevent the roof from caving in, instead the dome-shape makes the entire structure more resilient. Each level of the dome is binding from barbed wire which is placed between each layer of the sand bags stacked around in a continuous spiraling flow of earth-sandbags, this makes the structure incredibly strong and well insulated. The building method is trialed and tested as a legitimate low cost form or architecture and is waterproof, wind proof and earthquake proof and has been applied by the likes of NASA. The building method itself boasts over 100 successful projects completed globally.

The objective for our team, along with the partnership of “ZHF” is to advance this building method and include interlocking earth-brick structures as one of the two main building methods we wish to implement. The earth-bricks are currently made from compressed sand; we wish to change the material to compressed hemp. Hemp is stronger than concrete, lighter, more breathable and offers incredible insulation. Hemp is naturally non-toxic, carbon negative and lasts hundreds of years. Most importantly hemp is energy efficient as well as being flame, water and pest resistant.

The current problem plaguing our impoverished and vulnerable communities is having adequate safe housing, which presents itself as no danger to its inhabitants. You may often here horrific news of informal settlements setting on fire and spreading through neighbouring houses. With hemp this will no longer be an issue as the buildings can be scaled up in volume without becoming a health and safety hazard.

We wish to manufacture not just hemp bricks (cannnabricks) and hempcrete but also hemp sandbags. The current sand bags used by SuperAdobe builders contains various kinds of non-biodegradable plastics, we wish to manufacture the hemp bags ourselves which will be used for housing projects all over the country as well as globally. The key benefits of SuperAdobe sandbag structures are the simple use of elements such as earth, wind, fire, water and air. The building method will enable you to erect an 8m wide dome in just 2 weeks with just 2 people. The building method has been tested by CalEarth, which was founded by Nadir Khalili in 1991 in Hesperia in California. The location is on the San Andreas Fault and experiences excessive wind speeds and harsh unpredictable weather conditions and earth quakes.


  • Low cost housing
  • Hemp plantation
  • Hemp brick manufacturing
  • Hempcrete manufacturing
  • Hemp bag (sandbag) manufacturing
  • Permaculture training ground
  • Quickest building method
  • Renewable energies and food systems training & education of self-sustainability
  • Cheapest building method
  • Safest building method
  • Easiest building method
  • Most empowering building method through job creation
  • Most environmentally friendly and sustainable building method
  • Structures come with food systems, renewable energy from solar, wind, bio gas and hot and cold composting amongst other smart off-grid amenities.


"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful medicine, or the slowest form of poison, so eat clean and eat smart."

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