Job Creation

Current sectors, which ZHF creates employment opportunity







Hemp plantations

Medicinal cannabis

Hydroponic agriculture

Renewable energy operations

ZHF’s goal is to create 2 Million jobs over the next 3-5 years spread across our core sectors.

South Africa alone has a population of 56 million, with 26.6% unemployment, this means over 15 million people are without work. The ethos of ZHF is to alleviate poverty through empowering practices such as construction, agriculture and renewable energies through sustainable infrastructure to create purpose and empower all South Africans.

ZHF will be using Virtual Reality training in each of its operations. The key benefits using VR is to overcome possible language barriers and the ability to read and write or even speak English is no longer essential for ZHF to educate, guide and support. The best way to learn is with the outcome in mind, with VR our students from farming, housing, manufacturing and installation of renewable energy systems, amongst other sectors, will be able to look and learn through a practical cutting edge mentorship system which is scalable and cost effective. ZHF believes the future of training, guiding and supporting is in the hands of VR.

  • Jobs are central to economic growth and political stability
  • Jobs create earnings, which creates demand, which in turn creates production and investment and therefore more jobs
  • When people are able to provide for themselves, their morale is high and things are stable. Whenever people are sitting idle, they will create chaos and cause instability.
  • Employment creates income, recognition and purpose


"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful medicine, or the slowest form of poison, so eat clean and eat smart."

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