About the

Who We Are

Zero Harm Foundation was created to meet the growing demand for the systematic, earth-focused development of sovereign, self-reliant, organically grown, eco-driven communities globally. ZHF is made up of a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors, architects, master natural builders, bio-technicians, herbologists, permaculturists, horticulturists, software engineers, brick manufacturers, renewable energy specialists, engineers and highly regarded cannabis & hemp specialists with over 300 years of collective experience.

Zero Harm Foundation is a catalyst for the change we wish to see in the world. If, like ourselves, you are dedicated to building an earth-cantered model of living sustainably whilst generating revenue in mutually advantageous ways, we openly welcome you and look forward to making you apart of our collective. In the end, it is together; in unity and in harmony, that we will co-create the reality we have been dreaming of, and in our hearts, know is achievable.

We aim to push the boundaries of what is possible, taking the principles of permaculture to a large scale that serves to create abundant futures and provide the people from impoverished communities with a future that caters for not just their basic needs; shelter, food and medical care. We want to empower people with choice and options for how they wish to live their life within the community. With things like optional care. I.e. giving the individual the ability to heal with modern medicine or the natural medicine grown in the Eco Garden.

Our Mission

Zero Harm Foundation is on a mission to create positive change by orchestrating win-win-win deals which are geared towards profitability as well as empowering vulnerable communities through creating sustainable infrastructure cantered around job creation and implementing socio-environmental lifestyle practices.

We are working alongside the most accomplished professionals within each respective sector and industry, which ZHF is focusing on. The knowledge and experience, which is being harnessed and distributed across each of ZHF’s projects is paramount to the positive change we will create.

We are empowering local communities through education and development of housing infrastructure integrated with innovative food systems that every man and woman can build for his or her family using building methods with abundant materials at a low cost to provide safe structures, designed in harmony with the environment.

We want to make building a house and growing food accessible to every man, woman and child to combat the housing crisis and the terrible conditions people endure in South Africa. We are also taking Low-cost housing into the future with integrated biogas/solar energy, grey and black water systems to manage waste, reducing the need for dependency on others.

How does ZHF work?

ZHF is a sustainable, renewable and environmentally conscious humanitarian organization with methods and techniques aimed at alleviating poverty and empowering communities through housing, agriculture and employment. ZHF will also empower domestic farmers through organic fertilizers as well as pioneering greenhouse agricultural plantations through the use of hydroponic grow systems being applied on a large scale. Permaculture and companion planting is at the core of ZHF’s vision and beliefs and by educating and empowering those lacking knowledge and confidence.

ZHF is at the forefront of hemp cultivation for industrial and biodegradable plastic manufacturing, refining and processing. The final major component of ZHF is pioneering the regulation, licensing and compliance associated with attaining the correct documentation to cultivate and sell medicinal cannabis for local doctors and hospitals as well as for export demand. ZHF is in partnership with the correct authorities and organisations that will ensure ZHF’s activities are monitored for compliance, health and safety as well as quality control purposes.