Zero Harm Foundation

Human transformation is a chain reaction of personal change

World’s first Impact farming, low-cost housing, renewable energy & cannabis exploration platform all built into one investment collective, for sustainability, for humanity. ZHF is a sustainable, renewable and environmentally conscious organization whose core aim is to alleviate poverty and empower vulnerable communities through housing, industry and job creation.


Decentralized market trends

ZHF’s initiatives empower impoverished communities with non-correlative association to the banking and property sectors and runs counter to conventional market trends whilst offering diversification which is unmatched and in the best interest of humanity.


Real-world impact

All ventures take into consideration the objective for environmental, social and economic improvement. Impact farming qualifies for tax benefits associated with renewable energy and sustainable farming.


Sustainable returns

Through our research, ZHF have found unique ways in which we can rapidly develop ethical projects, with the support of conscientious investors. Creating positive change whilst investing either for capital appreciation, income or through tax-deductible donations is now, for the first time, made possible through our versatile and dynamic platform.

Zero Harm Foundation

Consisting of the following initiatives

Sustainable impact farming

The power of healing is in our hands

Zero Harm Foundation currently cultivates fruits and vegetables which have both domestic as well as international end consumers. The core plants, which are farmed, include and are not limited to:

Macadamia plantation

Health benefits of this cholesterol-free food are too big to ignore.

Ginger and Garlic

Two medicinal foods to have on hand are fresh garlic and ginger.

Bee Hives for organic honey

Honey contains a number of antioxidants.


Can help heart health, bone strength and more.

our partners

Invest for humanity

Together, we are co-creating and developing amazing models of self-regenerative, self-reliant, eco-communities worldwide.

zero harm farming
zero harm farming
zero harm farming
zero harm farming